Since established in 2004, we have been shouldered the responsibility of cultivating top talents of innovative science and technology for Yangtze delta region and the whole country. Relying on favorable resources of Tsinghua University, we have integrated resources from home and abroad to provide relevant curriculum and suitable vocation education oriented toward professional administrative staff of government and enterprises. We aim to provide all-round intellectual support for the local economy and society in aspects of research, education, consulting, and publishing.

We have already gathered top teaching resources through experience, built up close relationship with local government and extensive collaboration with international business. Based on a proper strategic position, we are a professional team of reliability and efficiency, developed mature training outputs, built ourselves a top education brand in China.

In the light of the local economic and social status, we have built up a cross-regional and inter-industrial Resource Coordination Platform for talent cultivation, regional planning, industrial studies, competence promotion, financial innovation, as well as research and development of science and technology.

Now we have made a new way of continuing education in colleges and universities; we have developed into a top base of talent cultivation; we have held hundreds of various training classes; we have produced nearly 8,000 administrators every year; we have been entitled “Advanced Group of Education and Training” in Tsinghua University in 2012.

In the current situation we have managed to transform the traditional training into an all-round education system, upgrading the so-called linear workflow of student recruiting, class attending and then certificate releasing.

The past years have witnessed our achievements, as an international team, in qualified teaching management, rich curriculum, and professional good service. We have been highly praised by people from all walks for our efforts in cultivating a great many talents of global perspectives. We are confident of a prospective take-off and greater contribution to education, economic and social development for local and other regions.