Who We Are

Established on March 18, 2010, we are an intermediary platform of the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang. Our aim is to recruit overseas talents to either work in or collaborate with companies in Zhejiang Province, so as to advance the technology development of Zhejiang.


How We Think

• Set up innovation centers in hi-tech zones of North America in order to utilize local high-tech professionals and incubate hi-tech projects to fulfill the demand of Zhejiang industrial development.

• Seed Funding (“angel fund”) for start-up companies, which offers financial support and follow-up services for entrepreneurs.

Through leveraging the overseas alumni resources of Tsinghua University, high level technology of U.S., as well as the financial support of Seed Funding, we have incubated, recommended and introduced a large quantity of high-tech projects (and core team members) to Zhejiang Province.

What We Do

  • Talent Recruitment

We have held various forms of seminars in the U.S.high-tech areas, such as N.Y., Boston, L.A., etc., and has recruited more than 200 overseas talents to work in or with Zhejiang.

Until now, more than 10 professionals recruited have been awarded with the title of the China “1000-Plan Program” Expert; more than 30 professionals have been awarded with the title of the Zhejiang “1000-Plan Program” Expert.

  • Talent Information Center

The center owns profiles of over 79,000 overseas professionals and graduates, and a database of more than 2,600 high-tech projects, which cover fields of renewable energy, new materials, information technology, advanced manufacturing, bio-medicine, and other high-tech fields.

This information center has helped more than 100 overseas professionals connect with Zhejiang enterprises and investment professionals, and play a crucial role in talent recruitment.

  • Talent Station

It aims to facilitate the career transit of overseas professionals back to the home country. Qualified core members of the returning team will be titled as Researchers of our Research Institute firstly, and then a portion of start-up capital will be provided by Seed Funding from the Center, which will be converted into equity shares of the start-up company they establish afterward.

It enables talents to have both innovation platform and business start-up support, as well as to enhance their enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship; At present, 21 returnees have been qualified to the talent station, while over 20 talents are under evaluation.

  • Project Incubation

We have established a number of incubation sub-centers In Silicon Valley, San Diego, Detroit and other places in the U. S.

A total number of 43 projects had been incubated abroad by the end of 2013. Over 20 of them had been successfully settled in Zhejiang, and 17 of them have the registered capital over 10 million RMB in their start-up companies.


  • Communication & Interaction

We have organized several delegations (named “Overseas Hi-Tech Delegation to Zhejiang Province”) since 2009, and have invited more than 400 overseas professionals with more than 500 high-quality projects to browse opportunities in Zhejiang province.

We have held Business conferences for local investors and overseas talents from 2010 to 2013, and these meetings, in total, have attracted interest of nearly 2,500 people.


  • Enterprise Services

We have actively visited over 100 enterprises in Zhejiang, in order to understand their business needs and promote our “Enterprise Services”.

We have received more than 300 requests for talent projects which have been released overseas; we have signed cooperative service agreements with many Zhejiang enterprises; we have implemented more than 10 projects to upgrade enterprise’s research and development capability; we have established partnership with Zhejiang Regional Economic Association and built a close connection with over 4000 of its affiliated enterprises, which built a platform for connection, communication and cooperation between overseas teams and the Zhejiang local business.