As a government institution which is run like an enterprise, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang, is co-founded by Zhejiang Provincial Government and Tsinghua University with the aims of mutual complementarity and common development.

Supported by the technologies and professionals from Tsinghua and based on the social and economic development demands of Zhejiang Province and Yangtze Delta Region, taking the implementation of “Regional Planning for Yangtze Delta Region” (State Council approved) as an opportunity, the Institute is actively involved in technology innovation and services, training and hi-tech commercialization, so as to fulfill Tsinghua University's social service commitment to propel the economic development method upgrade for the Yangtze Delta Region and contribute to its scientific development.

Guideline:Committing to scientific research; Dedicating to industrial development.

Development Orientation:Functioning as a bridge for the cooperation between Zhejiang Province and Tsinghua University, a cradle for professionals training, a platform for technology innovation, and a base for scientific and technological achievement transfer.

Development Mode:Compass Septet—Government, Industry, Academia, Research, Investment, Intermediary, and Application